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    cfexecute 25-second delay running MSYS utility




      We run ColdFusion 9 64-bit on a Windows 2008 R2 Server and have been using some UNIX-style tools from the MinGW project to provide some programming functionality.  I've used the Git for Windows (msysgit) installer as a convenient way to install these; this setup has been working fine for a couple of years.


      We recently rebuilt our server, and now the pages that use these tools are experiencing a delay of about 25 seconds every time I cfexecute one of these utilities.  After that delay, the utility completes normally and returns the expected output.


      As a sample, I do the following to run 'ls' and list the files in a directory:

      <cfexecute name="c:\progra~2\git\bin\ls.exe" variable="outvar"

      arguments="C:\inetpub\wwwroot\listthisdir" timeout="50" />

      <pre><cfoutput>#HTMLEditFormat(outvar, -1)#</cfoutput></pre>


      When I look at Windows Task Manager on the server, I see the process ls.exe *32 (User Name = SYSTEM) start immediately when the page is run, and sit there (with no CPU Time accumulating) for 25 seconds.  When the CF page response is sent, this process disappears.


      I haven't had trouble with any other programs that I run with cfexecute, and the MSYS utilities work fine at a console on the server.  Anyone have a clue what would cause this delayed start when run from ColdFusion?