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    I want to see movement in the Program Panel. Hmm.

    Tinker Dave

      This pertains to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: This is my first post and I appreciate your patience.


      I imported video & audio media into the Project Panel. From there, I placed a few clips into a sequence in the Timeline. In the Timeline, I clicked on a clip. I then double clicked in Program Panel, and could then see the clip. However, when I click on the space bar, (i.e., "Play") in the Program Panel, the image in that panel does not advance. When I click "Play" again (i.e., "Stop"), the still image confirms that we have moved on a bit in the footage. (The audio plays normally, confirming that we are advancing in time. )


      I want to be able to press the space bar in the Program Panel and to see the "motion picture" in the Program Panel.


      Please, What must I do so that when I click the Spacebar (i.e., "Play") in the Program Panel, the image does indeed advance? Thanks!


      I'm not sure I yet have the capabibility of providing a URL of the problem.
      Thanks for your guidance,