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    Complete with no quiz questions

      Hello All;
      I was wondering, My LMS has a great testing and reporting function. I would like to simply build the presentation and export it using Presenter. I would like the presentation to NOT contain any quiz questions, but still set the SCORM complete flag, so that my LMS will know that the module has be watched. Preferably I would like this to occur on the last slide. My idea, in its entirety is, to lock the slides so that the user can not jump through the slides and then have he last slide communicate to the LMS that the module is complete. This would ensure that the student was watching the entire presentation, and when we received the notice that it was complete we would be sure of this.
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          robva65 Level 2
          Hi Swanley,

          This is ABSOLUTELY achievable!

          I'm in the same boat; we develop Presenter content for deployment on third-party LMS systems, including Docent, KnowlegePlanet, and a couple others...and the fix is pretty easy too! Here's how:

          Using the Presenter menu, what you want to do is get into the Quiz Manager. From there, simply add a quiz without adding any questions! I'd also recommend setting the reporting as SCORM. You can do this at any time--since the quiz element acts as a "container" for question slides (even though there aren't any question slides), you can still benefit from the data being sent to the LMS which will indicate course completion.

          Bottom line: there's no need to worry about having a quiz element at the end of your presentation; again, the quiz acts as a "container"...this is evidenced by the fact that as soon as you publish your content, you'll end up with SCORM data (look for the SCORM support folder and it's associated files)--and all of that will happen automatically for you.

          From there, if you're familiar with running an ADL test on your content, you'll be able to see SCO verification as you progress through the course, including completion. If not, you can still easily test your material by posting to your LMS; from there, run the content, go through the course and check for completion.

          Hope that helps!