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    Adobe ID Issue

    charlie756 Level 1

      I have changed my email address, how do I reset my Adobe ID and does this give me access to previously purchased EBooks from my old email address as well as newly purchased items from new email address??

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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          Charlies756 if you have changed your Adobe ID then you will want to contact the providers of your purchased content to reset the activation on the titles you have purchased.  Once you download and activate under the new Adobe ID then your purchase content will then be tied to your new account.

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            sjpt Level 4

            You want to make sure you keep the same AdobeID but associate it with a different email address.

            If you get a new ID, your won't be able to read the books purchaced on the old one.


            To change the email associated with the ID.

            1. Sign in at http://www.adobe.com/ using your old email and Adobe password.
            2. Goto the My Information under your name at the top right  (or https://www.adobe.com/uk/account/account-information.html)
            3. Change the email under Adobe ID near the top left to your new email.
            4. You'll probably need to verify it by clicking on an email that will be sent to the new email.
              (I can't quite remember the verification proces, but that's how they usually work).


            Books are associated with the ID (remembered by an obsure code called a guid),

            and the email address is also associated with the ID.

            The book is not directly associated with the email address.


            Some devices may still show your old email address as your AdobeID; but it should all work ok anyway.