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    Multicam Interview edit plays wrong audio and clips after angle edit?


      Hello all,


      I have a bit of a problem. Almost every multicam tutorial I watch shows how to do a multicam edit with a continuous clip, like a concert or band playing a song. But the entire clip doesn't need any multiple edits.


      Well, I'm pieicing together a 3-camera multicam INTERVIEW shoot. It's all synced great and the multicam enabled sequence is perfect.


      With an interview I need to select only the parts I want, so I need to do a complete edit, with many many edits to piece together the story.


      THEN, I took those edits and  Enabled multicam monitor and started choosing cameras with record enabled and played director to choose cameras while it played back.

      Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.15.51 AM.png

      (in this picture, this is my timeline with all my edits taken from the multicam sequence BEFORE the multicam monitor angle edit, from the thumbnails you can see its all the same angle. This is before I want to do the final angle edit)


      When I'm done, the sequence LOOKS the same but plays back all messed up. The audio playing is completely diferent and it keeps playing a single take all the way through.


      So instead of cutting to the next clip on the timeline it keeps playing on from the previous clip even though the timeline looks ok.


      As you can see I took the multicam sequence and selected in and out points and dropped them into a sequence. I now have my complete interview edit.

      Now I want to do the multicam swithching and record the angles. I open multicam monitor and perform the angle edit and when its done, that's when its all screwed up in the timeline.


      It seems the only way around this is to select each clip and choose a camera angle manually. And if I want to switch cameras I have to make a splice (command-K) and change the angle manually again all on the timeline.


      Any help? What am I doing wrong here?


      Is there a workflow for people who need to do an entire EDIT ... BEFORE doing an angle edit? I am not just taking a one hour concert in one take and choosing angles. I am doing an entire edit and THEN wanting to choose my angles.


      Maybe I'm approaching the workflow wrong.


      Thanks for your help,