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    I assume this system won't cut it...?


      Afternoon, folks.


      I work at a helpdesk, and one of my users has recently installed Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Version 6.0.0 (319(MC: 264587)) (in case you need all that).


      His first project involves playback of three sync'd video files, and picking segments in real-time to make a final consolidated version of the three videos. Files are 1920x1080 MTS.


      Premiere runs terribly, and I realize the computer will need some serious upgrades or a complete replacement. Can you offer advice? If there are upgrades that would get us where we need to be, that is preferable. For example, if a lone video card would get us where we need to be, that would be great. If not, a full desktop replacement can be budgeted for.


      One thing to note, unfortunately this is your standard small-ish form factor PC for sitting on a desk, under a monitor. Typical office workstation. A video card would need to be small form factor.


      Thanks a bunch.


      P.S. - I've read enough of this forum today to know that this computer is not what is recommended. I'm looking for options, as that's what I'll need to provide the powers-that-be. If we go with a new desktop, a 128GB SSD and a pair of 1TB 7200's, 12GB RAM, Corei7, is the likely setup (that's what we have in IT).





      GPU (onboard):








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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          First of all, you are running an outdated version of CPU-Z and only the 32 bit version. It would be helpful if you were to present this while running Version 1.64.0 x64.


          Second, why does your client not update to versions 6.03 and continues using 6.00 of PR? Does that also apply to his video driver, and other drivers?


          His CPU is a simple dual core without HT on an outdated 1156 platform, limited by only 8 GB DDR-1333 memory using an on-board Intel graphics chip. That makes it a borderline system for easy codecs like DV, HDV and P2 but woefully inadequate for AVCHD or DSLR material.


          My suggestion is to get a completely new system that is more in line with his editing requirements, but what it should be depends to a very large degree on his source material and his editing needs. What material and what number of tracks, what multi-cam edits, what delivery format, etc.

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            bishopscott Level 1

            Hi Harm, and thanks for the response.


            The Adobe software was downloaded one week ago from Creative Cloud, so I'm not surprised updates haven't been attempted yet.  Driver updates are handled intermittently as needed.


            Codecs would mostly be AVCHD and DSLR, so I am told.


            The cameras being used are Panasonics, model AG-HMC80P. Output: PH1080/60i (as displayed on the camera).


            The cameras are new, as is the software. Kinda a new venture for us here, so your comments are very helpful. I'll have to push for a budget for a new system to go with the cameras/software. Do you have a recommended system build thread on here? Anything for varying price points?


            I will continue my search on the forums for information.



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              It depends on the budget available. It is easy to configure a $2 K system, a $ 5 K system and a $ 10+ K system, but a lot depends on the budget and whether you or your client want an off-the-shelve tier 1 system, a custom built system or a DIY system.


              It may be overkill in your and your client's situation, but I built a new system which comes out at € 7,300 as a DIY system, when buying something similar at a custom builder it may end up at around € 12 K and when buying a system with similar performance from a tier 1 company, you may see the tab go up to far over € 20 K.


              Here are some links to various articles that may be relevant to you:

              Intro Part 1 and all the following pages.

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              Also have a look at the FAQ section and the most popular discussions on the right hand side.