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    Photoshop resolution questions

    dasikins Level 1

      Hi guys,


      Ugh. So confused about resolution and printing. I know some of these questions are not specifically adobe Photoshop related, but it's the program I use and thought you wonderful folks would still offer a helping hand.


      I understand the theory of dpi vs ppi and resolution vs print. However, I am not sure how to print compositions with mulitple images such as a photo maniupulation.


      So here are my questions:


      1) If I make a document set for 300 ppi and all my other layers and photos be 300 ppi? What if my photo is at 600 ppi (which it wouldn't be but for instance.)


      2) I want to maintain print quality, but need to resize a photo to fit on the composition. For instance I want to keep my photo at 300 ppi but need to shrink it to fit on the smaller background composition I can resample or not.

           - Not resampling does not allow me to digitally view the size, but maintains original photo quality. It also adds ppi which makes a huge file size to work on.

           - Resampling allows me to keep the same dpi but hinders the quality.


      If I am combinding two images together that need to be high resolution for print and then need to be resized what is the best option? How can I view them digitally? Here is an example that might help clarify what I am referring to.


      • I have a document set at 300 ppi and the calculated pixels needed for whatever print size document I will use. The 'background' will say be white.
      • I then want to add a photo at 300 ppi but it needs to shrink to fit on the 'background.'
      • How can I shrink that photo and still maintain a quality print AND see it on screen?


      Thanks for anyone who takes the time to help. I can't tell you how many articles I have read and videos from adobe I have watched. I am missing a connection between print and resolution somehow.


      Thanks so much!