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    Enabling in-context editing on a website created using Muse

    Christopher Toon Level 1

      Hi folks


      I created and manage a website using Adobe Muse (http://www.cancerdxpathology.org.au/). I don't know any html or CSS scripting stuff. Is it possible to enable in-context editing on my website? if so how do I do it?



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          thetrickster888 Level 4

          Adding ICE to a muse site without HTML knowledge will be hard.  First off-- once you add/edit your pages on BC to add ICE you can no longer go back to Muse to make future edits.  I don't think Muse downloads a project, it just publishes whatever local changes you have to BC.  I don't know if you can just edit the HTML code in Muse or not.  I don't use Muse at all.


          But, to add ICE to your site you'll need to edit the HTML markup of the elements you want editable or to make repeating sections.  It involves adding extra attributes on your existing html elements.


          For more information on ICE to see if you can make sense of it, see:http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-3201


          You can use it in the email campaign editor or in your BC web pages.  Basically, it just involves wrapping some html code around your elements you want editable.


          <p>This line of editable text</p>




          <div ice:editable="html" ice:options="bold, italic">

               <p>This line of editable text</p>



          Without HTML or CSS knowledge this might be a tough task.  Although, if you spend a little time to learn the basics of HTML then you can probably handle this as it is really easy markup to implement ICE.