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    Animation question



      I am looking to do an animation for my property website 37 Property Group and was wondering your expert thoughts on how best to conduct this. I have some experience doing basic animation with after effects but if I wanted to create a city scene with people walking around, cars travelling down the street, houses growing over time and cities expanding for example, was after effects the best program to use? i.e. Is it best to draw the various aspects, scan them into photoshop then edit, then add to after effects...or was there a better way or program?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Here's my best advice: 



          Get to know Adobe Illustrator.  Make your houses & buildings look like cartoon houses & buildings. Shoot real-live people on a well-lit and HUGE green screen, taking care to plan out angles & sizes of people.  Then chroma key them & mix them with their cartoony-looking surroundings. 


          It can all be done in 2D.  Use 3D if you wish, but it takes a lot longer to get things looking just right.


          And here's the most important thing of all: plan this sucker out like there's no tomorrow!


          Every little detail!  Know in advance precisely what you want to do before you even begin.  Draw pictures.  Make storyboards.  Look for pitfalls in your plans.  Do simple tests before you do the complicated stuff for real so you can prove your concepts.


          This kind of thing ain't about the software you use.  It's about the plan you devise, and how well you execute it.

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            user1150 Level 1

            Hi Dave,

            Thanks so much for your insight.

            I will be making strong plans that I will test and follow your advice to achieve this goal.

            All the best!