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    Problem with LoadVars and stopping/playing

      I've got a flash movie set up online that isn't working properly. The details are this: the movie has two frames, the first being a blank loading frame meant to keep anything from being displayed till the variables are delivered by my PHP script, and the second being the frame with the actual movie content.

      The actionscript I use on the first frame is as follows:

      names = new LoadVars();
      names.onLoad = function() {

      The "txt. . .secure bit is the location of my PHP script that delivers the necessary variables. I know that the PHP side of things is working because the flash program DOES load all the variables in exactly as I want it to. The problem I am having is that when played, the program stops indefinitely on frame 1. I have to right-click and force the program to play before it flickers past frame 2 (the content) and back to the loading frame, where it then loads the variables and plays like it's supposed to.

      You can play the flash movie at http://images4u.com/thumbs_i4u.php?play=EBfig298x.swf
      As I described above, it remains blank indefinitely, so you will need to force it to play to see what I'm talking about.
      I'd appreciate any help you guys can give to get the movie playing automatically as it should.
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          The first time flash attempts to do the loading, there appears to be a 301 redirect from images4u.com to www.images4u.com for the requested text data.
          This then appears to sent... but then flash requests a crossdomain.xml file from www.images4u.com and it receives none (404 not found).
          At that point I assume that the LoadVars onLoad does not trigger.

          The second time around it requests it from the www.images4u.com domain and there is no problem - it doesn't seem to need a crossdomain.xml permission.

          So the problem is with the redirect. I don't know exactly the solution. I would guess either make the request from flash to www.images4u.com/etcetera or put a crossdomain.xml at your sites root covering both www.images4u.com and images4u.com in terms of permissions.