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    symbols crash and stop functioning

    claursen Level 1

      I have two simple symbols that are layed out as buttons like commonedge.org


      But when I added another action (which was wrong) sym.stop("7000")l in one of the symbols on mousedown,

      both symbols stopped working.


      I tried saving/reloading project. not working.

      I tried exiting edge animate and reloading.not working.

      I tried deleting all mouse actions and redoing them. not working.


      I went back to an older file and the buttons worked fine in that file.


      I can share the files if it can help adobe find the bug that might crash the symbols.

      It feels rather unstable.


      For now, I'll just save a lot......and start over.

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          claursen Level 1

          Issue is with me and my brain crashing.


          I moved the symbols further down.... and didn't notice that I have a large layer that is partly 0% opacity.

          I guess it covers the buttons.


          So if anyone has their symbols/buttons not working, check if there's any layer that might be not visible but covering the buttons.


          Adobe suggestion, have a flag that can uncheck a layer's "collision" so it's not detected by mouse/touch.