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    Flex Deployment & Web Services

      Finally I got to the end of my localhost first Flex project, using web service soap calls to invoke a ..Net asmx file which in turn calls stored procs on MySql 5. Everything worked fine locally.

      Then I tried to upload to my hoster. My hoster gave me the url format of http://mydomain.com/mySubDirectory/myService.asmx?WSDL. Do I need a port number in remote calls?

      I tried WSDL path, substituting the real directory names. But I keep getting the error that Flex can't upload the WSDL.

      Although I didn't think I needed it, I've tried a crossdomain file, <allow-access-from domain="mydomain/mySubDirectory" />. All the files, Flex, .Net and MySql are in the one domain, mydomain.com.

      Very puzzled as to why I can't get Flex to read the WSDL. Everything works perfectly on localhost. HELP!