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    Retaining AVI date/time stamp during capture to pre 9.


      I have pre 9. When capturing DV from my camcorder, how do I get pre 9 to add the clips  time and date to the avi file properties like it does for jpg's. What I get is the date I captured it to the computer. If I add "date taken" to the properties shown, it remains blank.

      I realize the time/frame stamp changes throughout the clip but it should be able to show the initial date/time stamp, for example. I sort these travel clips by oldest date first and need to be able to match them to their itinerary locations. I have a small freeware app that will strip the date/time stamp from the meta data and then I can adjust the time/date in "Organizer" but I have 100's of clips so I'd rather not go that way. I know there app's that will encode the date/time stamp visibly on the image during capture but I don't want that as I make DVD's from the clips. Do you have any advice or suggestions? I have Win 7, 64 bit, 3.2 ghz, 2 core. Thanks, Rob.