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    Install FAIL, Troubleshooting by Adobe FAIL, Up to date website, you guessed it...


      I am trying to install the bane of modern civilization on a Mac Air, 10.8.3, using firefox latest version, trying to install latest version of flash, getting the download complete, starting in on the install portion of the flash installer and failing shortly thereafter. I have read the brilliant "frequently" asked questions, the insightful flash installation help page (which is the page that every link to fix troubled installs goes to, which the first thing they do is tell you to install flash, DOH).


      Everytime the result is the same. Newly rebuilt OS, clean system. first install, uninstall and re-install. install standing on my head, with one hand, with no hands, ETC. FAIL FAIL FAIL.The error message is so damned insightful too, General Installation Error (really? Somebody at adobe needs to hire a creatiive writer so the eror messages have a little more helpful information). I even tried to run the pkg inside the adobe install and there is no package in resources, only a Bundle. I would imagine the documentation was probably made for an earlier version of the software.


      So I know I have nothing coming from Adobe to help with fixing this, so I turn to you, the best and the brightest to help me stop ripping my hair out by the handfuls, allow me to finally sleep through an entire night after so so long, and to get this piece of #@@%$#% running on my @#$^##$%!@ Mac. Thank you!