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    Premiere to Speedgrade




      I've recently finished a 3 minute edit in premiere. I've rendered it completely, and now I'm ready to start color correcting in Speedgrade. The only problem is, once I've selected my sequence and sent it to speedgrade speedgrade doesn't seem to recognize that it's there.


      Speedgrade show's me a .wav file in the timeline that is as long as my finished cut, but there doesn't seem to be any sign of video files, and there is no black screen or anything that would suggest a video being present. Also the .wav file doesn't play any audio, so that seems to be a problem as well.


      I am working with R3d files from a red scarlet, and have had no problem with them in Premiere. I've also tried to simply bring a raw R3d clip into speedgrade, which works fine and plays in real time.


      I just can't seem to get my completed sequence into Speedgrade. I've tried creating an EDL from the completed premiere sequence, and speedgrade gives me an error message saying "Unsupported edit info".


      This must be an incredibly simple problem that I'm having, but I can't for the life of me - and thru all the forums I've read - figure it out.


      Thanks in advance,