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    Check to see if any field is empty

    nexx222 Level 1

      I have a pretty large document that has over 200 text/check boxes. What I want to do is create a button that makes a pop-up warning for any blank fields in the entire document.


      Right now the only way I've seen to do this is using javascript using an array of every field and checking them 1 by 1 in a for-loop. I would like to avoid this as the array requires you to type the title of each field so with 200+ fields it becomes quite tedious typing them all in.


      Currently my code looks something like this:

      var a1 = new Array(getField("box1"), getField("text1"));

      for (number of items in a1)

         check if empty

            popup box if empty


      Is there an easier way to do this without typing in the name of every field?


      Using Acrobat XI Pro, thanks.