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    Adobe Edge Animate JavaScript Coding issues/page load time speeds

    Mike Dubbzz

      To let you have an idea of my skill set I have a background in animation and design and have been taking classes in web development. My question is about how to create an interactive website that loads various animation depending on the user's choice and current place within the Adobe Edge Animate timeline. The website I developed for a client @ www.goshowpro.com works but loads slower than I want and doesn't format properly on my client's Macbook (I believe he needs to update his browsers but that is something else.)

      So as you can see from looking at my website I used a multitude of HTML files to create my vision of an interactive website based off of a theatrical stage. I know this is not an ideal method. I would prefer to have it all on one page but I am having trouble with my javascript coding. I was wondering if there would be away to expedite my current site's load time and if not if you could look at my NEW coding. (This IS NOT the current coding on the site.)

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------


      if = "hstop" "chomstop" "shomstop" "phomstop"


      else = "hconstop" "sconstop" "pconstop"


      else = "hserstop" "cserstop" "pserstop"



      It looks crappy but I'm trying to learn so don't laugh too much. Thanks again.