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    Brush Opacity and Layering Difficulties


      I am unable to get my standard brush in photoshop to lay down a 100% opaque layer without going over a section multiple times, despite having the opacity all the way up, fade turned off, spacing at a minimum, and the opacity control option for the tablet either checked or unchecked (neither works). I am using Photoshop Elements 10, and a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet. I do not know the patch, though I intend to update the program soon. This is not how the brushes used to work. Is there a way to reset this or a setting I am missing?


      As a note, the brushes are not quite behaving as if they have a lower opacity setting. In the past, lower opacity settings would not layer on themselves unless I started a new stroke (lifted up the pen/unclicked the mouse). Additionally, the brushes appear to grow more opaque the larger a pixel size they have. Here are two pictures to demonstrate.


      This is at a 'smaller' brush setting of 20 pixels. I usually like to be able to work at 9 pixels or less with a solid color.

      Problem 1.jpg


      And this is at a much larger size, over 90 pixels I believe. I have not changed any setting other than the size of the brush. The size was changed using the brush size slider, not by selecting a new brush.


      Problem 2.jpg


      Again, is there something I'm missing or some way to go back to the previous brush behavior? Thank you in advance for your time.


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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          Sounds as though the brush flow setting got changed.

          It can happen very easily when using the airbrush because what would normally change the opacity

          (hitting one of the number keys) changes the flow when the airbrush is enabled.


          You can reset it a couple of ways:


          With the airbrush on press the 0 (zero) key to set the flow back to 100%

          (with the airbrush off, press Shift+0 to set the flow to 100%)




          Reset the Brush Tool by clicking on small downturned triangle and clicking on reset tool






          Brush flow is one of those settings that is not actually in the tool options in photoshop elements like the full version of photoshop, but

          it's still there, just hidden.


          The flow setting for the brush tool in photoshop cs6:



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            Dalmindor Level 1

            That fixed it up quite nicely. Thank you! I appreciate the explanation of the setting, too; now that I know about it I may be able to find ways to put it to use.