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    Just another Search and Replace discussion


      This topic gets beaten to death here, but it's such an annoying CF Builder function.


      Here's my rant.  Maybe someone can give some insight.


      If focused on a page Ctrl-F brings up a search within the page.  I have gotten used to the quirks doing this, so I won't discuss that here.


      If focused in the Navigator pane Ctrl-F brings up a multi-file dialog.  Here is what I typically do:


      Scope: Projects

      Projects: Select the project I want to update

      File extensions: I select "CFM and CFC only" which shows as *.cfm, *.cfml, *.cfc

      Search: Text

      Find: something

      Replace: with something else


      I click the Replace All button.  When it works, it works well.  However it often will start scanning ALL files.  I see it hitting jpg, cvs, js, and every other type of file.  This could take a good ten minutes or more on some of my bigger sites.  I click the "Cancel" button, but it just keeps going.  So I give it the three finger salute and end the program.  Typically, after starting up fresh, it will work properly, scanning only the CF files.


      If there is a work-around, please let me know.  I think it might be something like close all open files and press F5 in the Navigator pane.  Or close and reopen CF Builder (not a good option).


      Or better yet, in the words of Philip J. Fry:  Fix it. Fix it. Fix it. Fix it. Fix it. Fix it. (pause)  Fix it. Fix it. Fix it.