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    How would you colour (color) correct with these two clips?


      Hi all!  I'm turning once again to the highly knowledgeable Adobe forums.


      I have a number of clips which were filmed on the same day where sunlight poured in through the rear window.  Overall, it gave exactly the effect I wanted although when I've edited them together, there's still more of a washed-out look in some than others.  I know that Premiere can't replace detail that was never captured in the first place, but I'd love to refine some of the colouring to make our wonderful lead actress more consistent between each shot.  The background really isn't important.


      Here's the one which I'd like all other clips to look most like:


      1 Source Image.png


      And here's a good example of one that's a little bleached out:


      2 Colour Correction Needed.png


      Given that I'm fairly new to Premiere, and certainly shouldn't be looking into Speedgrade as a beginner too, what settings would you most suggest to look to in order to match them up?  Is there an easy way I can use one main clip to set the colourings for the others (like Format Painter in Office)?


      And is there anything you'd suggest doing to the original image (outside of just personal preference) to make it look more professional?  As I say, we're generally happy with how the first image looks but it's rarely a bad thing to be given new ideas!


      Sincere thanks and a great weekend to you all!