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    GTX 770 vs GTX 680



      I am going to build a new system in the near future and was wondering which GPU would be better for my uses, as I like to game, i use Premiere Pro, AE etc. I was leaning toward the new GTX 770 which is similar to a GTX 680, which would be better? Waiting for the GTX 680 to come down in price or get the new GTX 770 with it's benefits like GPU boost 2.0 etc.


      These are the specs that i'm currently looking at

      Intel i7 3930k


      Asus Sabertooth X79 LGA 2011 Motherboard


      Fractal Design Refine R4


      Corsair H100i


      Corsair SP120mm Quiet Edition Fan Twin Pack


      Samsung 840 Pro 128gb SSD


      2x Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD


      GTX 770??


      Corsair Vengeance 32 GB Ram

      $212.48 (106.24 per 16GB)

      Corsair AX 750 Watt Gold PSU


      Windows 7 Pro System Builder



      Is there anything that could be changed to cut down the costs?


      And which GPU do you recommend and do you believe that the GTX 680 4gb will come down in price or stay at the $500 mark until it's out of stock? Also do you know what the pricing will be for the 770 and will it come in 2gb and 4gb??

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The first thing to save some $$ is to exchange the Corsair H100i for a CoolerMaster H 212 EVO air CPU cooler.


          With only two disks for editing and only 32 GB memory, the 680 looks overkill. IMO the 660 Ti has the better BFTB value. A lot of the power of the 680 will be held back because of the two disks and the memory and you will be hard pressed to notice any performance difference with a 660 Ti. I haven't seen any reviews with the 770 yet.

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            JamieCullum Level 1

            This is a computer that i want to last a while and will hopefully be building many rigs to come. I have opted to go with 2 hard drives at the moment but will put more in when the time comes to that. I kind of want this to be future proof thats why i have elected to go with the 2011 socket instead of the 1155 socket. Ram may be upgraded in the future but this is just to get started as i am on a budget and believe that this rig is good? I was looking at the GTX 770 as it has GPU boost 2.0 and i think that it would perform well, but i will wait to see some reviews and stuff on that before i make my final list of products Also which one would be quieter? the Cooler Master air cooler or the water cooled corsair h100i as i hoping that this build will be a quietish one. Thanks for your help

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              A lot of people forget that water cooling requires fans for the radiator, in this case two for the H100i. The CoolerMaster H212 EVO also can use two fans in a push-pull configuration, so one can reasonably expect both coolers to generate the same amount of noise.


              I made the remark about 32 GB being 'limited' not because 32 GB is not enough, but because 8 x 4GB sticks fully populate the motherboard and the only way to go to 64 GB is to get 8 new sticks, something that is completely possible, but many find that solution financially unattractive. If you were to start with 4 x 8GB sticks, with the intention of adding 4 more sticks in the future, you have an easier and more cost-effective upgrade path and it makes more sense to look at the GTX 670 or GTX 770, especially since you have the intention to add more disks as well.


              I hope I make some sense to you with these arguments.

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                JamieCullum Level 1

                aha thanks so much harm this is really helpful i didn't forget that the h100i requires to fans i had two Corsair SP120mm Quiet Editon fans already on the parts list.