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    how to bring button back after swf unload

      I'm hoping someone can help.
      I have a main movie with the first script in it on frame 25, where it becomes active.
      I have two buttons that pull in videos and text, depending on which button is selected.
      When either button is selected it will become invisible because they are behind the swf that loads.

      In the swf movies I have an identical button which when clicked takes you back to the main movie, frame 25 so you can select
      other menu.
      In the external swf movies, I have script two, which calls the buttons to become visible again, but they don't work.

      I know it is something to do with turning them off when loading the swf in the main movie, and trying to turn it back on through
      the movie being loaded, but don't know how to make it work.

      Hoping someone can help.