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    Setting DateFormat when we update in SalesForce DB

      I want to set DateFormat before updating the date in SalesForce Database. I am able to update the date if i select the date/month which is greater than 9. Means If i select the date
      10/10/2007 ([MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY format]) its updating/inserting the data in SalesForce DB. if i select date 9/10/2007 it is not updateing why because In SalesForce DB it will accept date/month in two digit format --> 09/10/2007 or 05/08/2007 but not 9/10/2007 or 5/8/2007. Is there any solutions to set the dateformat using ActionScript before updating/Inserting the date in SalesForce Database.

      Thanks in advance