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    Installing Flex Builder with MyEclipse

      I am trying to get Flex Builder to install a plugin for eclipse. I have read that the installer is having an issue seeing the configuration directory, and there is certainly something wrong with my install. The only solution I found online says that I would need to, FIRST install eclipse 3.3.1, SECOND install flex and THIRD install MyEclipse.

      Well, I'm more then a little disturbed by this as I've already got my IDE setup and working just the way I want it, and really I'm just testing the capabilities of Flex for the "powers that be". If it is a good tool, we will use it. But if this failure to install is a precursor of things to come I'm going to have to shoot it down since I'm the one whose got to use it.

      Any suggestions? Perhaps there is some other support for flex as well?