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    Format Painter in RoboHelp

      Do RoboHelp have a concept of Format Painter?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          As in Word you mean?

          No it doesn't. Don't think I have seen it in any other HTML editor either.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi phanib4u

            Not trying to be disagreeable here, and I may have a different understanding of what Format Painter does exactly, so here goes. I'm gonna say it "sorta" does. Here's how.

            Take some text and apply some manual formatting to it. Perhaps changing the font to something wild and crazy and adjusting the spacing. Now, select the text and click inside the area of the toolbar where your styles are listed. Here's where it gets cool. You can either type a brand new style name in this area or choose an existing style. Once you perform either action, poof! You should be greeted with a dialog asking what you wish to do. Particularly if you selected a different style. RoboHelp HTML will want to know whether you wish to update the style you selected with the new manual formatting, or if you wish to simply re-apply the existing style formatting to your selected text.

            Please bear in mind that I'm in no way any form of Word power user. I tend to avoid it if I can at all. But what I outlined above is how Word would work with Format Painter. At least in my mind, that's how I would imagine it would work. If anyone needs to set me straight on my understanding of the feature, I would appreciate hearing about it!

            Cheers... Rick
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Format painter doesn't create new Word styles, it applies manual formatting to just what is selected.

              It's more like selecting the text in RH HTML and making the font red and making it bold. The key difference is it is not creating a style.

              The other key difference is you can double click the Format Painter icon in Word and then select some text to apply the style to it, move elsewhere and select some more text and the style is immediately applied, no need to then go off to a list of styles and select it again.

              Finally, by working that way in Word, you can select all text and hit Ctrl + spacebar to remove such formatting.