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    Total Memory vs GPU Memory

    jahiro himalaya

      Scout splits up memory usage between Total Memory and GPU memory, but iPhones/iPod Touches/iPads all have a Unified Memory Architecture which mean that both the CPU and GPU share system memory, which means there is no dedicated GPU memory on these devices.


      So with this in mind, how do we interpret Total Memory vs GPU Memory when profiling on an iOS device? For instance, if I want to determine the total memory used by my game, do I have to manually add together Total Memory + GPU Memory?

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          Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

          The "total memory" reported in Scout isn't the same as the process memory usage reported by the operating system - it's the total memory that Flash Player knows it's allocated. It will be a bit smaller than the process memory, because it doesn't include some memory that's allocated by the operating system on behalf of Flash Player (e.g. for OS resources). It doesn't include GPU memory, even if behind the scenes they use the same system memory, because it only tracks CPU memory allocations by Flash Player. So, to get the total device memory, you need to add up the CPU and GPU memory.

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            jahiro himalaya Level 1

            Thank you for clarifying Michael. Can I suggest that the 'Total Memory' label be changed in future Scout releases, since this is not accurate. I feel it should be called something like 'System Memory' and a new property called 'Total Memory' should be created which displays System Memory + GPU Memory.


            In Scout's current form, if I want to know if I'm getting close to maxing out available memory on a device with Unified Memory Architecture (all iOS devices), I have to bust out a calculator and add the 2 memory values together, which is not ideal