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    Premiere Pro & Windows 8

    Triguy04 Level 1

      Does Premiere Pro work with Windows 8? I'm having some major issues. When I first installed Premiere Pro I got this warning message:

      "DirectX cannot be run on this version of Windows. This version of Windows is either Windows3.s or a version of Windows NT that does not support this version of DirectX. Please do not attempt to install DirectX except in these operation systems. ctX is designed to work with Windows 95 or later and Windows NT4.0 and later only. This error message can also occur if the computer hardware is incompatible with this version of DirectX"


      It then gave me the option of continuing anyway. When I finally got Pre Pro installed when I started it I got this error message:


      "The Currently installed soundcard driver does not support Direct Sound Input. Recording Audio is not possible"


      About my computer. It's brand spanking new. Pre Pro is the first program I have installed on the system. I called the store that built the computer. They took remote access to it and installed a different sound card driver. That "apparently" took care of the sound card problem. However when I try to capture video I get this error


      "can't find capture inpoint"


      I've combed multiple forums and such and no one really seems to know what's going on. I've tried all the solutions I've come across and nothing seems to work. So now I'm wondering if Premiere Pro & Windows 8 are even really compatible.

      Thanks in Advance.