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    Using pattern brushes in After Effects


      Hi guys


      I'd like to use a line, in After Effects, drawn with something like a pattern brush because I've to move it a lot (I need to bend it, curve it, move it around).

      I use to do those thing with simple lines with generate>stroke effect, but this time I need a pattern line and I don't know how to do.


      I'm using CS6.







      here are two fast preview of what I mean. I tried also with CC Bend fx, but it doesn't work well.


      Thanx a lot.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There's no real easy way to do this in AE directly. You could use Illustrator to create your paths and then reveal them with a track matte. You could use a particle system like Particular to deposit custom shapes along a path. You could use echo. Do you want to bend the paths after they are revealed like a snake or just reveal the pattern on a path? It makes a difference.


          The last option would be to draw a path in illustrator, expand the path with the pattern brush, un-group the expanded path, release to layers, move the released layers to the top of the layer palette, then open in AE as a composition and sequence the layers. Something along the lines of my zillion year old tutorial on morphing Illustrator shapes in AE. You'll find it here.

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            jacopovecchio Level 1

            Well, first of all thankyou for your answer.


            What I'd like to do is to animate pattern along line just like a snake. I want the horizontal lines to be stretched/rotated/morphed along the line I'm drawing.


            Nice tutorial It may be useful.


            Good afternoon

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Here's a thought: don't use Illustrator.  Use AE text, and animate it along an open mask path.  I'd imagine the letter I or l in the proper typeface and point size would work very well.