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    4gb GTX 680 vs 3gb GTX 780


      I'm going to be building a new editing computer and I am wonder if I should get the new 3gb GTX 780 because it has newer technology, faster memory, and more cuda cores or should I get the 4gb GTX 680 because it has one extra gig of Vram. I'm use pemier pro cs6, affter affects cs6, davinci resolve, cinema 4d, and some gaming.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          You will be hard pressed to notice the difference at all, even if you have:


          • An overclocked i7-39xx (4.5+ GHz) or dual Xeon E5-2687W, and
          • At least 64 GB memory, and
          • A disk setup with at least 400+ GB/s sustained transfer rate on the media, media cache and preview volume.


          If you don't meet ALL conditions, both are overkill and will be held back by the rest of your system.

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