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    NOOK not showing on ADE list


      I purchased a new NOOK, simple touch, with glowlight. This is my second Nook.  I have Windows 7 PC . I have Adobe Digital Editions installed, the most up to date version. Yet when I plug my NOOK into the USB port,  (and computer confirms plugged in), it is not listed on my ADE, I am not able to transfer my borrowed book from my PC to my NOOK. I have spoken with NOOK people, and Barnes and Noble, and they have walked me through many a step, with no help.  They say I need to authorize THIS nook with the Adobe, but it does not give me that option. I can see that my computer is authorized, but that is all.  Can someone please help me.  I have been dealing with this since 11 am, it is now 2 pm.