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    Full Motion Recording

      I'm new to Captivate. When I do a full motion recording and end or stop the recording, the animation is captured and automatically separated into individual slides of 4 seconds. I was able to create full motion recordings for longer periods of time previously. Can someone advise what settings I need to change? Thanks so much!
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          macrofireball Level 3
          Hello there,

          I could be wrong here but I honestly don't think that you can control how much FMR (Full Motion Recording) footage is inserted on to each of your slides.

          In version 3 Captivate was improved to ensure that if the FMR footage was considered to be too long was broken up over a number of slides. In Adobe Captivate 3 you are no longer limited to the amount of FMR footage you can include in your project. When you publish you shouldn't notice any difference though in Adobe Captivate 3 you will notice that you end up with a number of SWF files rather than just a single file. The SWFs are daisy-chained together to ensure there isn't any noticeable break in the screen action.

          Regards - Mark