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    Getting symbol from comp using edge commons

    truth3 Level 1

      Hey everyone!


      I ran into a small problem when working on a recent project and I haven't come across any fixes. So I thought to bring it up here to the forum and see if anyone else has had a similar problem.


      To my understanding there are 2 ways to call a symbol from another symbol, either by going to the main composition and working your way down to the desired symbol like so...


      1)   sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("firstsymbol").getSymbol("secondsymbol");


      Or if you are already at a symbol and you are trying to call a symbol under it you can


      2) sym.getSymbol("firstsymbol").getSymbol("secondsymbol");


      Ok for the project I am working on I am in need of using the first one, where you go to the compositon and work your way down to the desired symbol. However in my project I have been using Simon's edge commons library and specifically the adaptive layouts feature... http://www.edgedocks.com/edgecommons#anchor_edgecommons_18


      Using this feature I don't actually have any symbols on the stage, because it is all loaded in dynamically through the edge commons library into an element called "adaptiveContainer". So how would I be able to go about calling a symbol from the top of my compositon when I don't have anyway to work down the chain so to speak to reach my targeted symbol?


      Has anyone else ever came across this problem? Thank you so much for any advise!