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    CFWINDOW in Firefox

      I'm having a problem with CFWINDOW in Firefox. The problem doesn't happen with IE.

      I create a cfwindow that houses help. When the user clicks on the little help icon for a particular field, the window pops up (and is modal) . In firefox, if the page is long, when the user clicks on the help icon, the window pops up, but the page scrolls to the top.

      This happens regardless of the window's modality. Again, it only happens in Firefox. My normal answer source (Google, CF Forums) didn't have an answer.
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          jdeline Level 1
          Please post your CFWINDOW code and any other page(s) pointed to by the source attribute. I'd like to see if I can reproduce the problem.
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            Big_Casey Level 1
            Certainly - I attached a simple CF page that will replicate the problem. Load the page using CF8 on IE 7, scroll down, and click on the "Show Window" (Yeah - I know its not a link - in my real app, its an image). In IE, you'll see the window show.

            Try the same exact page in Firefox, and when you click on the "Show Window" it scrolls back to the top of the page...

            It looks like its something to do with the way Firefox deals with those windows (maybe JS related?)

            Any help would be appreciated.
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              jdeline Level 1
              Well, it certainly behaves as you describe in both FireFox and IE. Not sure what's going on, but it could be the AJAX JavaScripts. You might to to the Ext forums ( http://extjs.com/forum/) and see if anyone there can shed some light on this issue.
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                jdeline Level 1
                Right after my latest post, I discovered another interesting behavior. Load the page in FireFox and click "Show Window". It jumps to the top of the page. Now scroll down to the open window and close it. Click "Show Window" again and it does not jump to the top. Go figure.
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                  Big_Casey Level 1
                  Interesting behavior. I did make a post on the ExtJS forum and they (at least one person) mentioned that they did something in the latest release to fix it. Unfortunately, CF8 is dependent on the 1.x version of ExtJS. I found the code tree on the cfadmin side, and was able to upgrade it to the latest and greatest on the 1.x stream, but it broke on the 2.x beta stream.

                  Go figure. Any ideas from anyone would help out.

                  I tried to make the window init=true, then make a javascript thing to close it after that, but no dice :(