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    Export Media options


      PPro CS5.5    

      I'm not a regular user and keep coming back to the same problem when I do use this.


      Nothing complex being tried here just simple removal cuts and export.


      ex// Got a sequence, Video1 and Audio1,  the source is 640x480 24fps.


      When I export media -- I can't get the output to be the same parms, yes on the 24fps but no on the 640x480.  I don't want to lose resolution -- but don't want a monster sized file either.


      Usually when I export the file can double or more in size.  I've had files <1gb end up as 8+gb after removing content from the sequence!


      ex// the 640x480 is about 240mb.  The best I could do w/o losing res was 500mb.


      If I play with sequence settings it kind of helped -- but I ended up with a larger lower res "picture" and a file of about 150MB partly because the sequence settings were aspect locked and I couldn' put in 640 x 480, and had to settle for 640x360.


      What am I missing?  Match Sequence settings really doesn't.  Its frustrating to take a 800mb file mp4, edit to only 50% of the content and end up with a file 2x or 3x the size.


      Any tutorials out there or another post that addresses this?  Are there are add-ons for formats?  I see the export media drop-down usually doesn't have my source "format"


      thanks folks!