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    Mic recording delay


      I have a recording delay issue.

      I recorded a sound and over that sound i try to record another sound as a separate track (i do not try to overwrite ,i listen to the previously recorded sound and simultaneously create a separate track).

      Basically the first recorded track is the reference track, for ex a guitar riff that one can solo over or a drum beat that can be used as a reference track to record bass.

      the issue is that when i listen to both of them together, the second track plays atleast a quarter-note after the first track, even though it has been recorded to exactly match the earlier track.


      Even if i record a track using a metronome as reference, I get a delay in the recorded track. (the notes played in the recorded track are at least a quarter-note to maximum half-note off).


      If i upload a pre-recorded drum tracks or guitar tracks or any sound for that matter then I don't get any delay and every note is spot on.


      What could be the possible error? How do i fix my problem?