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    Recommend web hosting

    Hot Rod Raven Level 1



      Looking for a good web hosting company for a small business website.  I built a beginner website with dreamweaver using one of the pre-made pages.  Thanks!

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          Mike M Level 6

          My $0.02 - I've used ICDSoft since 2003 and they've always been 100% with support, reliability, and affordability.
          I'd say (and many will agree) stay away from GoDaddy. You get what you pay for, and with cheap cheap cheap hosting you're on your own.
          Also, Network Solutions (who I found out OWNS a significant portion of GoDaddy) is one to avoid like the plague. They are terrible.

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            Hot Rod Raven Level 1

            I was reading up on justhost.com...any thoughts??

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              Mike M Level 6

              They do pack a lot of features for the price. Patience is a virtue. I'm sure that you'll get some much more sage advice than just mine as the week progresses from people with a few years more experience. Nancy O is very knowledgable about hosting as are several others here. Give it few days and see what other input shows in this thread, then make your decision. My post was purely opinion, and only my opinion.

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                cdeatherage Level 3

                I use NewTek (aka The Small Business Authority, aka CrystalTech), which was recommended by a number of gurus on this board and have been very happy with it. If you search through the forum, I know you'll land on a number of threads asking the same question. Pay more attention to recent posts than to older ones, as service quality can change over time. You can also google best web hosting services and review comparison charts of the ten or more so called "best" hosting services. A good idea is to visit the sites individually, see what they look like and say about themselves. You can also google reviews for specific hosting services, but remember to take those posts with a fistfull of salt. The raves may be deliberate placements and the rants may be really disgruntled clients or based on an uncommon situation.


                If your small business site is basically for informational/marketing purposes and you're not planning to do e-commerce, you should be able to find a good service for around $6/month.