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    Form fields & Data export


      I am relatively new to forms central but it is pretty intuitive so not many problems so far.


      My question is to do with how the data exports. Currently I have a section on my form (created in Acrobat Pro) with sections which have various tick box to chose from as answers. When you export there is no way to distinguish one section of tick box answers to another. They all come out as one column on the spreadsheet.


      I was wondering if there was a way I can set up my form so that the data extracted is a bit more usable to the customer? I would still like to do the changes in Acrobat Pro if possible.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Can you clarify the workflow for me since we have a few related options? 


          You are starting with a PDF Form you created in Acroat Pro and then you used the Import a PDF form feature in FormsCentral to import the PDF, then you saved the submission enabled PDF and collected some responses.  When you export the data, are you exporting to Excel, CVS, or PDF?


          I think that if you are saying you have checkboxes side by side and then are exporting to Excel that you can't tell which were grouped in a row, is that right?




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            Formneedanswer Level 1



            Yes that is my exact workflow. I am exporting to Excel.


            That is what I am saying exactly. If I have check boxes side by side I can't tell which ones were grouped under a particular question. The all are at the top of the column.


            Thanks so much

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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Do you need the data in Excel?  You can download the response as a PDF form that is the same form filled in with the customers responses...  In the PDF it is obviously very clear what goes with what. 


              When a PDF form is imported FormsCentral can't determine those relations as you can see when the data is exported to Excel.


              If you need the data in Excel I am not sure what to recommend except renaming fields so that the grouping is obvious from the names, maybe using question numbers and prepending each answer with the matching question number. 




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                Formneedanswer Level 1

                It is preferable in excel yes.


                Is there any way to see an example of a data exported pdf form without having to pay extra? It may or may not be the solution for my customer but I don't want to suggest it until I know what it would look like. Even an example of someone elses form (that has tick boxes) would be great. Thx!

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                  Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                  It would look just like the original PDF form you created in Acrobat, with the responses filled out, as if the user had returned the PDF to you filled out.


                  If you send me an email at jcorey@adobe.com I can send you an example, if you want to attach your PDF I'll return an example of your PDF as a downloaded PDF response.