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    Sound not playing after I added an internal preloader

      Ok... I am slowly trying to get all of the pieces to this flash file working...

      FYI -- Major Newb!

      I added this preloader to a flash file that was working..


      After adding the preloader I:
      I moved all content files to begin on the 5th frame.

      I am using actionscript to allow people to pause, stop, and play sound.
      The sound is launched with the following script and required me to right click the sound file in select linkage, export for actionscript and name the file (Sound).

      Here is the sound actionscript
      s = new Sound();
      function timeme (){
      now = new Date();
      var hours = now.getHours();
      var minutes = now.getMinutes();
      var seconds = now.getSeconds();
      _root["nowtime"+i] = (Number(hours)*3600)+(Number(minutes)*60)+seconds;
      _root.newstarttime = _root["nowtime"+i] - _root.nowtime1;

      after adding the preloader I can't seem to get the sound to work. I set the action to start on the 5th frame and many other tweaks and can't seem to get it to work. I am guessing there is a conflict between how the sound is loaded and the preloader.

      The sound works if I check the export on first frame box but this prevents the preloader from loading quickly and there for defeats the purpose.

      I like the preloader and would like to see if I can get the sound to function with it and not visa versa.

      Thanks in advance.