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    More then one table in a PhP/mySQL application?

      It seems that the current version of the wizzard for making a PhP/mySQL application in Flex Builder 3 is limited to a single table of data. While I see how I could modify the PhP and MXML code to connect to more then one data source, it also seems to me that there should be a way to do this within Flex Builder itself.

      Am I mistaken? I'd love to hear that I'm just missing somthing and I can have two controlls (a AutoComplete Edit Box and a DataGrid) connecting to two different tables. In an ideal world, they would also be linked so that selections from the Edit Box would change the SQL statement for the data grid.

      Failing that, I would be interested in knowing of a way to remove duplicates from the AutoComplete Edit Box, I should be able to copy the data from the Grid into an array and then apply a filter, assigning the results to the Edit Boxs DataSource. However I'm having a hard time with the data structure thats comming out of the Flex Builder created PhP.