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    Standard HW question, what shall I buy?

    Seven ltd

      Two years ago I bought a new PC for Premiere Pro after I got a lot of very good advice here http://forums.adobe.com/message/3432674#3432674.  And that new system worked perfect, I never had any problem with a slow system so many THANKS to Harm, Christ and others.


      After the first year I did not do much video editing but much more Lightroom, Photoshop, HDR in Photomatix, a lot of filters in PS etc. And my system still worked perfect even if I sometimes made panoramas from 15 RAW photos (sets of 3 x 5 photos)  that I worked with in Photomatix and then put them together in Photoshop to panoramas that were 500 - 800MB). And I could and can have all my programs up at the same time, no problems. So that is wonderful.


      The only problem I have had is that I bought 2 WD My Book for backup and they have caused a lot of problems. I did not ask the forum about them, just found out I needed BU and they were there in the shop. No, these external discs with no fans are not working good and if they are here in Thailand where we often have temperatures between 35C and 40C then they stop working. If I had asked this Forum first I probably had bought something else.


      Now to my question. My daughter in Sweden is going to buy a new system and she will also work mostly in Lightroom and Photoshop, and I have adviced her to buy something like this:


      The budget is max 3000US.


      Case: Cooler Master HAF X RC-942-KKN1 Full Tower Case 

      Powersupply:   Cooler Master 1000w Silent Pro M1000                                            

      Extra fans 2 pcs 200 mm


      Motherboard  ? Is ASUS Rampage III Extreme still a good choice ?

      Processor    i7  something  like Intel Core i7 950 3.06GHz still good ?


      SSD   for OS and programs ? or just a normal 500GB drive ?

      3 or 4  WD Black Caviar 2TB 

      DVD  read and write                                                            

      Videocard  If you don't do video editing, is the Videocard that important ?                                             

      Memory 16 GB

      2 x 20-25" monitors Someone know  a good quality but not too expensive?


      UPS 1100W


      Yes, it is almost a copy of my system but that has worked very well for me. But I am not up to date what has happened the last 2 years.


      Everyone is talking NAS and DAS, is that an alternative here to have a smaller case and then a NAS box beside?


      And reading about RAID here in the forum, I understand that with just 3 - 4 drives you should not choose that.


      And what system for Backup?


      If someone has some good advice here I will be very happy!


      Thanks in advance!


      Sven in Chiang Rai


      (yes, there is no Hardware forum for Photoshop Lightroom so that is why I address the experise here!)

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Did you know that Logistics and Video Editing are very similar?


          Logistics: The detailed coordination of a large and complex operation.


          Well, video editing is the same.


          It requires the detailed coordination of:

          ⦁    Importing source material

          ⦁    Editing the source material, applying transitions and effects

          ⦁    Exporting the final results


          Pretty simple, up to now isn't it? So what is this all about?


          Hang on for a moment and I'll try to explain.


          First we have to make a detour to a very popular nightclub, which attracts lots of people every day. What is the main profit generating part of a successful nightclub? Correct, it is the bar. It is the Common Profit Unit, the CPU. The greater the efficiency, the less beer is lost on draughts, the more accurate  the fill rate of a glass is, the capacity of the cellar installation, the speed with which one can fill orders,  they all directly influence the bottom line. And it helps quite a bit if the bar, CPU has a Sustainable Service Entry (SSE) close by in order to restock the bar.


          Of course, it makes a huge difference how the dance floor, the music, the lighting and audio-visual effects are used, because that determines how people percieve this nightclub. If the dance floor is too small it will be detrimental to business, if it is too big, people will feel abandoned, if the music does not sound good it will hamper business, because people will leave earlier, instead of ordering another drink. This is the General Public Unit, or GPU.

          The floorplan is of course critical for the operation of this nightclub. If people have to walk great distances to get  from the dance floor (GPU) to the bar (CPU) for orders, if the physical space limits the numbers of visitors, that all has a negative effect on the bottom line. It always boils down to More Entries, More Orders and Reduced Yawns, in short MEMORY.

          But first you have to get the customers in and keep them inside as long as possible. All these customers waiting to get into the nightclub are your Dear And Trusted Accounts, your DATA. They form a long waiting line in front of the door, where a doorman arranges Sequentially Allowed Turnstyle Access (SATA).  Obviously, the more doors you have for access, the shorter the waiting lines and the faster your customers, DATA can reach the bar, CPU to order a drink and then mingle among the other guests. MEMORY.

          However, people come to the nightclub in order to have a relaxing and enjoyable evening, so from time to time they want to use Dedicated In-house Seating Comfort, DISC to get their breadth after a long dance, enjoy their drinks in comfort and wait for the next piece of nice music to dance again.  With obesitas rampant, the seats, DISC, need to be large and roomy, not small portable seats that offer no comfort at all. Now, that nightclub offers a Complete Area for Serious Enjoyment, CASE, and the bigger the area, the more room there is for different seating places, DISCS.


          If the clientele often comprises VIP's and celebrities that require special attention and service, it migh be a good idea to have a Reserved Area with Immaculate Decorum, RAID, to cater for these special guests.


          Now, the thing to keep in mind for a nightclub to be successful and profitable, they have to keep things in balance, keep things in perspective and carefully consider what logistical requirements there are, depending on the location and clientele.


          If the club is located in a small county in a rural area, the demands are far different than for a club at the corner of 48th St. and 5th Avenue in NY. Different crowds of people, different numbers of VIP's and celebrities, different square foot prices for the size of the club, different requirements for the bar, different drinking habits, beer versus cocktails, different wine tastes and different prices for drinks, different audio-visual requirements, different kind of music and different seating arrangements.


          There is not a single recipe to make the nightclub successful and profitable, but with some careful analysis and common sense, it is not very hard to come up with the  correct business plan for this club.


          So where is the similarity with video editing? All over the place...

          With some imagination - and we are all creative people around here - you can easily recognize the similarities between the logistics of a nightclub and a NLE system for editing.




          Sorry for the long-winded introduction, but I hope this helps to explain there is not one road leading to Rome, even though the Via Appia is the preferred one.


          With your budget you should no longer look at the now outdated i7-950 or 1366 platform. In the past two years things have moved on considerably. With the current state of affairs, I suggest looking at:


          • Intel X79, LGA 2011 platform
          • i7-3930K CPU
          • 32+ GB memory
          • Samsung 840 Pro 128 GB SSD for OS & programs & pagefile
          • nVidia GTX 650 TI Boost or 660 Ti video card


          The rest of your disk setup looks OK.


          Some of these links may be interesting to read up on recent developments: Intro Part 1 and Adobe Community: What PC to build? An update...

          and Adobe Community: To RAID or not to RAID, that is the question


          All your other questions have been answered repeatedly, so I suggest you take some time to read the FAQ section and some recent posts.

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            cpachris_1969 Level 1

            "Reduced Yawns" made me chuckle. 

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              >external discs with no fans


              I don't know if these are available where you are, but something LIKE this might work for backup... and you can use as many hard drives as you want, one at a time


              ONE possibility is this dock with fan for the drive http://www.amazon.com/StarTech-SuperSpeed-Docking-Station-Cooling/dp/B0055PL2YI

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                Seven ltd Level 1

                Many thanks Harm, your "Planning and building a NLE system is very good reading and have given me lots of interesting information and same with " What PC tu build".  I have to digest all that, read it again, do some research and hopefully I will be back with some questions that are that specific so they can be answered and that I can understand the answers.


                Thanks, I feel you have put me in the right direction!