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    can radio buttons show/hide info in an interactive pdf?


      Hi there. I have a question that I've been struggling with for a while... hoping someone can help.


      I'm creating a document in InDesign CS6. It's basically a guide with a quiz attached.


      I've got forward and back buttons working properly - so they take you from one page to the next.


      The more troublesome issue though is that I'd like to have some interactivity with the use of radio buttons, and possibly checkboxes. So for example, on page 1 I have a mulitple choice question where there are three choices. Clicking the wrong answer shows a text block saying 'no it's wrong' and clicking the correct radio button shows the 'yes, correct' words.


      I've created three text blocks and made them into a multi-state object.


      Three problems:


      1. radio buttons don't seem to have the option for 'go to state' in the buttons and forms dialogue box
      2. even if it did - the go to state seems to be only swf, not interactive pdf form - is there a way to change this?
      3. assuming there IS a way, can any script be set up so that instead of using radio buttons I use checkboxes which only give the correct answer if the correct check boxes are selected.



      I would like to stick to indesign to do this, however, I'm thinking it may be that livecycle is more suited to this problem?


      Many thanks in advance,