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    (recent!) tutorial or script to make PHP web-mailscript


      (recent!) tutorial to make PHP web-mailscript



      I am a website-builder-beginner.

      My question is not DW specific.....ok

      I am looking for a good and recent (basic) php script (or tutorial.... to learn it myself!) to make a mailform for my website, so that visitors can fill out the mail form and send it to me. Fields: name, email, subject, message.


      Although I have years experience as programmer (Cobol, assembler, and other "old" languages), I can hardly read most phpscripts examples and understand what is happening (in wich sequence) (perhaps because of the different types of code used in only -1 - script, and use of objects??).


      Another reason is that I get lost: to make the script spam-proof against evil users and spam robots.....  so with checking fields and protect against injections of bad code etc. Also hard to read is the structure of such an "mixed-code" mail PHP-script.

      Who has a good sugestion for me?