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    Why is Blur Gallery so slow?

    tomaugerdotcom Level 1

      I have a Windows 7 beast with 16Gb RAM and 8 Processors and a kickass GPU as well. Generally Photoshop smokes through just about anything. But I just ran Blur Gallery and the thing crawled. 20 seconds between UI updates - I'm not even talking applying the filter!


      I was applying it to a 10 MP smart object that was scaled down to 500 x 200 px.


      The only unusual thing about this document is that it is composed of a ton of other smart objects, but still it only clocks in around 20Mb. So no cause for alarm.


      I did a Gaussian blur on the same layer / smart object to test and it was instant. Same with everything else.


      Something is up with Blur Gallery. How do I properly notify Adobe and get someone to look into it? Unless the community has some suggestions I could try out first, or knows of an existing bug report in Jira?