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    Hill Billy1

      Is file.org safe to download? It keeps appearing on my screen.

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          plee1388 Adobe Employee



          We don't know about file.org, it is not from FormsCentral.  Could you provide more informaiton?  When is this happen? Do you have the form url?





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            Hill Billy1 Level 1

            First I get a note that I need to download the new version of Adobe Reader xxxx.xxxx.xx, when I click on the upgrade shortcut, a screen similar to the one inserted above shows up saying I need to download this download program in order to quickly download the file. It looked suspicious. I tried to go back to the previous  page but was unable to; I had to close the page.

            The download form that showed up claimed to be by Microsoft…..but scrutinizing showed approved Microsoft or windows partner – I has not showed up yet.

            That started after I called a number provided to me by TELUS to get help installing my Dell printer on my home network – they took over my computer and loaded some icons etc. and then proceeded to give me a pitch on a $199.99 yearly full service yearly membership – that’s when I told them to take all that they installed on my laptop off right now and I followed the cursor – when done they gave me a one-time service pitch, so I booted them….as I recall it may have been some name by iYogi or something similar – there is a program by that name in my program files, not yet deleted as I have a hard time telling if it is from Microsoft or not…

            Now, the Adobe upgrade notice came back tonight, but that downloader is not compatible (32 bit to my 64). I googled file.org but not much there anymore…

            Hope this helps.

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              Hill Billy1 Level 1

              It was iYogie; I just noticed this email!

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                iYogi - ART Level 1

                Dear Hill Billy1,


                iYogi is an independent technical service provider and is not affiliated to Dell, Telus or any third party brand. This is clearly mentioned at all our customer touchpoints and web properties. We have a BBB rating of ‘A’ and have been in the industry for more than 6 years.


                iYogi provides subscription based technical support and hence our technicians may have pitched you for the annual or incident support plan. If there is anything that you would like to discuss or need help with, please write to us at iYogicare[at]iyogi[dot]com.



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