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    I can't refresh data service


      I modified the admineservice.php file but when i make refresh the modification doesn't appear

      but when i create a new data service the modifiction appear

      then i did this steps in this link : http://forums.adobe.com/message/3445185#3445185

      but nothing happend

      the solution is to create a new connection to dataservice next delete the old service then change the second service name to the old service name but the first data service can't deleted

      what is the solution and why the dataservice can't refreshed ?



      //public function getUserActions($offset, $limit, $user_id, $accountSend, $actionCode, $creationdate, $status)

          public function getUserActions($offset, $limit, $user_id, $actionCode, $creationdate, $status)


      as you can see I just added $accountSend parameter but in dataservice panel it doesn't appear