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    Apple Push, works in Ad-Hoc, not in Store version?


      Hello all,


      I recently updated an old iPad app to accept notifications. I used AIR v3.6. I use PushWoosh to send pushes. Via TestFlightApp I deployed Ad-hoc test versions to a bunch of people to demo notifications (I just want a badge). I used a production APS cert for the Ad-hoc testing. It worked great. The app requested permission to use notifications to the users, then badges would appear after sending out a test push.


      However when I changed over to produce it for the store, push somehow is disabled.


      The credentials used for the store differ from my testing version. I made sure the app ID had APS enabled (it is not a wildcard ID). I made sure the mobileprovision was dirtied and redownloaded. APS certs were created and accepted by PushWoosh as a new app. I used the new pushwoosh app ID in the request code. I compiled the IPA. Submitted to the store, no issue, accepted. However when installed and run the user is never prompted to use notifications, subscription requests aren't appearing in PushWoosh and pushes don't reach any users.


      I unzipped it just to check the embedded.mobileprovision (in a hex editor, I'm on Windows7) to assure I found aps-environment, and I did (<key>aps-environment</key><string>production</string>). info.plist reports the AIR version as <key>CTAirSdkVersion</key><string></string>. Inside the META-INF/AIR/application.xml the entitlement is requested <Entitlements><![CDATA[<key>aps-environment</key><string>production</string>]]></Entitleme nts>.


      Has anyone had this issue happen to them? This is my first time using APS so I'm uncertain if I need to change anything to make it work between Ad-hoc and Store. I was hoping all I'd need to do is be certain to install the right APS certs in my push service, apply the right application ID (or whatever your service needs) built into the app and finally just make sure it's set to production.


      Lastly to identify each user I'm using the Adobe NetworkInfo ANE to get the MAC address of the device to use as a fairly unique id. I'm not using the UDID which I know isn't permitted.


      Does any of this process appear to be incorrect? Thanks for any tips!

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          mcwebbles Level 1

          Shameless bump, hasn't anyone used push on the store? Anything needed beyond:


          - Non-wildcard app ID

          - APS enabled on app ID

          - APS cert downloaded, .p12 created

          - Production mobileprovision dirtied, redownloaded

          - App XML updated with aps-environment set to production

          - Integrate APS certs with your push provider (pushwoosh for me, accepted certs)

          - Configure anything inside your app that your provider needs (registering a specific PW app ID based on a unique ID)

          - Export for Store (Exporting for Ad-hoc in this manner works just fine)


          Am I missing anything for the Store?