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    Adobe Media Downloader pauses and will not resume (June 18 deadline!)

    Adobe Orphan

      As an Adobe Photoshop Elements subscriber, I scanned and stored 924 pictures, most of them TIFFs of original family photos from the 19th century. Adobe has emailed me to download all the TIFFs before June 18 because of the platform change to Revel, which does not support TIFFs. As instructed, I have downloaded and installed AdobeAir and Adobe Media Downloader and I have made numerous attempts, on two different PCs (both Windows 7), to make the download. Each time, Media Downloader pauses, usually at about image 400, and says to check if the disc is available (plenty of room on my drives, and I have also attempted with a clean external hard drive) and then to resume. Clicking "resume" just brings up the same message endlessly. So I restart Media Downloader and it begins the process again at image 1, only to eventually pause again and ask me to resume. So hard drive space isn't the problem, and my ISP is Verizon FIOS with measured speeds above 75/35, so these pauses shouldn't be being caused by network speeds.

          Given the time constraint,  I tried to resolve this problem today through Adobe's "pay-for-help" telephone line, but was told that the only support for Adobe Media Downloader is through this forum!

           Suggestions on how to make a complete download of my TIFFs when Media Downloader keeps hiccuping?