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    Sporadic Login issues after CF10 upgrade

    sakonnetweb Level 1



      We recently upgraded from CF8 to 10- (IIS win 2008 R2)


      We also recently moved the intranet from an older server to a virtual environment (VM ware).


      Since these changes were made, quite a number of people who are trying to login to various apps across the organization are experiencing one or both of these issues:



      1) they enter their UN & PW- it simply disappears and goes nowhere


      2) they get  "request_uuid undefined in session" error


      I have: <cfset Session.request_uuid=createUUID()> at many login  pages


      Some are having the issue, some are not. All are using either IE 7 or 8, and 95% win 7. There is no evidence that the IE versions play any role in this.


      There are 320 people in the org.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.