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    Coldfusion 9 and FamilyLink - Web Classroom


      I'm using CF9 on a webserver which is also using FL and WC. I can't get all three to work at the same time. I can get CF to work but then FL and WC won't work. I get runtime error while trying to use FL and Internet 500 error on WC.


      It has to do with the web server configuration tool, I add a webserver to add the CF applications but it knocks out the other two programs. If I remove the webserver FL and WC work fine. I think it has to do with JRUN but I'm such a newby I have no clue how to fix this so everything plays well together. FL and WC use java pretty heavily. So when I add the webserver to run the CF applications am I knocking out the IIS? OH and I'm using Windows Server2008 RT OS and IIS7.


      all help is much appreiciated