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    How can I export to custom frame size AND crop video?


      I have 1080i footage I need to export to custom frame size 350X250 in .flv sorenson H.263.  I also want to crop my video (a static head shot) to go tighter on the person's face.  I don't want letter boxing though.


      I have tried some methods unsuccessfully.  I tried resizing the video in my export settings (where I could enter 350X250 values) but this didn't crop the image, and resulted in a 16X9 video letter boxed in a roughly 4:3 frame.


      I have also tried setting my sequence to 350X250 and dropping the footage on, but it looks horribly blurred.


      On top of this, my client says I must export in 300 Kbps datarate, becasue these videos will not be enlargable in the web player. But they just look blurry, and I wonder is this related to something else, or is it just what you get from 300 kbps?


      Any help appreciated!